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Jadie Burney

Class of 2020

Jadie was owner and operator of Burney's sporting Goods in Muscle Shoals from 1970 until his death in 2010. He was a Christian businessman and leader in the Shoals area that made outstanding contributions to both youth and high school teams as he provided quality sporting goods at economical prices along with encouraging words to struggling coaches and discounts or sometimes free shoes to a family in need. It was not uncommon for a coach to call Mr. Burney after closing time for a dozen chin straps or a dozen baseballs and he would deliver the products before the game ever started. He went on and above to use his life to serve others and his patience and willingness to work with youth programs throughout the Shoals area that were often short on funds was well known. He was an outstanding athlete in basketball at Hatton High School from 1955-1958 where he was name All District and All-State averaging 33 points per game with a game high of 55 points in 1958. He was inducted into the Lawrence County Sports Hall of Fame in 1995. Additionally Jadie was the first girl's basketball coach at Muscle Shoals High school in the 1970's when the program began.

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